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“I strive to be a less expensive CPA than many others. My greatest pleasures are when I’ve helped business people succeed or improve.  If my being there for them in an affordable way, not charging for quick phone calls or emails, returning your call promptly, taking the time to make inquiries about your insurance coverages and other risk factors,  or help set up bookkeeping for your most efficient manner, if those practices help my clients; then I am a happy CPA.

I prepare every tax return as though it was my own.
I think about what could be missing from your situation, and where are opportunities for tax savings.  I enjoy thinking about my clients situations and devising strategies that will minimize their tax burden.

Helping clients improve sales, I analyze my clients businesses while preparing their tax returns and think about marketing opportunities for them: who can I connect them with to increase their sales, improve their operations, and save them money.

Part of that philosophy includes doing high quality tax work without the large fees that many times go along with receiving quality work.
Everyone deserves high quality and thorough tax preparation and planning.  Everyone deserves to pay the least amount of tax legally. 

When you think about using a CPA as an investment, and not an expense, or if you are going to refer to someone you care about, please refer the CPA who is a Summa Cum Laude (A+, A top 1% of his class), and not a grade B or C accountant.

Every clients’ tax return is different in the amount of time and input involved, but here are some fairly consistent comparisons of my fees versus some other CPAs and H&R Block fees. Granted, there may be CPAs that specialize in bottom end pricing, but in my clients’ opinions, I will provide better service and more tax savings. 

I strive to be a good value to my clients.”
-Doug Tidwell 

Historical Comparisons of Cost and Benefits, these span over 10 years please see current pricing below

Fred, self employed and itemized deductions. Previous CPA $437.50.
Doug’s fee $337.50. Fred Saved over $100.

DR, self employed. Previous CPA $285
Doug’s fee $200.
DR Saved $85

Mary, W2 wages only, HR Block $147
Doug’s fee $100, Mary Saved $47

LJ, corporate return. Previous CPA, $875
Doug’s fee $650.
LJ Saved $225. That included tax planning, so it saved more than the investment.

Steve, used TurboTax for $29 and thought he was getting a $2,000 refund.
Doug’s fee $659 but with a refund of $4,336.
Steve Saved $1,677

MD, self employed with numerous complex tax aspects and investments, previous CPA $1,600
Doug’s fee $840
MD saved $760

Jim, semi-retired , numerous investments. Previous CPA $235 plus a $43 penalty.
Doug’s fee $264. Jim Saved over $14 and is happier with the service.
RF, investment properties, itemized deductions, and two self employments.
Used TurboTax for $29 plus hours of time.
Doug’s fee to re-prepare and Amend 2 years $700, for a total refund of $4,088.
RF Saved $3,388

DJ, W2 wages and itemized deductions. H&R Block $261.
Doug’s fee $220 with more inclusive deductions.
DJ saved over $41

Ron, corporate owner. Previous CPA $675, but his strategy was costing RJ between $3,500 and $5,000 in lost taxes.
Doug’s fee $850 which included extensive QuickBooks fixing.
Ron Saved at least $3,325.

HB, self employed and numerous investments and other tax aspects. Previous CPA $640
Doug’s fee $450
HB Saved $190

Mike, self employed. HR Block $333
Doug’s fee $300.
Also Amended 2 H&R Block returns for a refund of $2,884.
Mike Saved $33 plus $2,884.

Jim, investment properties and self employed. Previous CPA $125. She also set up a tax strategy that was costing Jim $55,000 a year in lost taxes.
Doug’s fee $850
Jim Saved $54,275   (UPDATE:  When all years were recomputed the total lost by Jim was out over $80,000).


General Tax Preparation Prices

Self employed peoples’ returns generally cost between $450 and $550 depending on the amount of information and how well it’s organized.  You can add rental properties for around $80-$90 per unit. An acquisition or sale of a rental property is around $180 for that year only. The price generally includes consultation about your business and any other issues that concern you.

Small Corporate and Partnership returns are usually around $550-$650, plus if needed the time to work with QuickBooks and/or prepare a Texas Franchise Tax Return.

Compared to the fees charged by H&R Block and a lot of other firms, we hope to save you money.

I like to be a “Profit Center” for my clients - Doug Tidwell, CPA

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