INTEGRITY: I will not recommend

a strategy that is not helpful to

my client but generates additional

fees for myself. As an example,

S-Corps are over-recommended

and often not good for the client.



EXPERIENCE: 30 years working

with thousands of people in

hundreds of industries, Doug has

the experience you are seeking

emphasizing small, owner-

managed businesses and

real estate investments.



SAVINGS: Most clients see their

tax prep bills going down every

year as Doug train's them in

how to better organize their

records to save time and money

on their annual fee.


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Avoid making Tax Mistakes

Do You Really Know If Your Taxes Have Been Prepared To Your Best Advantage?


How could you know?  People are truly surprised that someone can read their tax return and discover all these missing items.  Asking the right questions yields shocking results.

My experience is that it is very likely you have been paying a few hundred to a few thousand too much...every year.

Learn if your tax returns have been using the laws to your best advantage for your Business or Rental Properties!


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"I want to be a Profit Center for your business!"

Doug Tidwell, CPA

Doug showed me how my business lost over $3,500 per year, every year, using my previous CPA's strategy.  RJ, Austin, TX

Doug showed me how other CPA's usually don't record rental properties into our greatest writeoffs.  Some years Doug saved us hundreds of dollars, some years thousands!   JM, Austin, TX

My husband prepared our returns using Turbo Tax.  We thought they were done right but Doug amended and got us a $4,000 refund.   TM, Austin, TX

I've amended almost every H&R Block and Turbo Tax return I've seen.  Doug Tidwell, CPA


Doug is a 1984 Summa Cum Laude accounting grad and Business Strategist with an emphasis in advanced taxation.


Douglas E Tidwell, CPA, P.C.

4908 Enchanted Lane

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2 miles east of Mopac and the Highways 360/71/290 interchange

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December 7, 2006 - According to a recent conference of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the organization that regulates CPA's, over 80% of CPA's do not understand the basics of real estate tax and accounting.

Therefore, if you bought, sold, or owned real estate, and you go to 10 CPA's, EIGHT of them will not know what to do. - Source: Diane Kennedy, CPA, editor,

I have personally seen a lot of errors and missed opportunities by tax preparers.  Although I think the CPA's in Austin are probably better than 20% accurate with real estate tax issues, there are still a lot of errors, and real estate taxation is one of the most complex areas of the tax code.  If you are a real estate investor, I would advise you to use a CPA who focuses on the tax issues of real estate investors. 

Best Wishes, Doug Tidwell













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