INTEGRITY: I will not recommend

a strategy that is not helpful to

my client but generates additional

fees for myself. As an example,

S-Corps are over-recommended

and often not good for the client.



EXPERIENCE: 30 years working

with thousands of people in

hundreds of industries, Doug has

the experience you are seeking

emphasizing small, owner-

managed businesses and

real estate investments.



SAVINGS: Most clients see their

tax prep bills going down every

year as Doug train's them in

how to better organize their

records to save time and money

on their annual fee.



This business is permanently closed. 

Unfortunately, Mr. Doug Tidwell, CPA passed away unexpectedly in February 2021.  Existing clients should forward all information requests to  The executor of his estate will be monitoring his email.  Please allow several days for a reply. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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